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What is «my Secure Notes»

mySecureNotes is an Android application that protects your notes and your private data.

Application uses a very fast non-standard encryption algorithm with 64 bit keys



Auto encrypt all notes

Auto encrypt all private data

Asks password to open notes (with option)

Asks password to open personal data (with option)

All data are saved encrypted to internal database

Every user has an internal unique key (auto generated once on first run)

Backup / Restore database to SD Card

Option to change internal key based on phone IMEI in case you want to restore from another phone

Default password is 1234


In case you want to transfer your data to another device use backup / restore method.


Keep the IMEI from the phone that you create the backup,

Goto to settings and set «Use different IMEI» to TRUE

At the next option «Select your own IMEI number» write the IMEI of the device that you make the backup

WARNING: Do NOT open any note or personal data before write the correct IMEI number.