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The application works using the GPS device.

Speedometer - odometer - trip computer

The application works using the GPS device.

The accuracy of the indication of speed and distance, is influenced by several factors (weather, tall buildings, etc).

additional functions

  • Trip computer on/off
  • Trip duration
  • Running time
  • Idle time
  • Average speed
  • Top speed
  • Speed limit
  • Speed limit sound on/off
  • Reset counter
  • Selectable unit of measurement
  • Clock (GPS or device's)
  • GPS signal
  • Battery status
  • Operation day - night
  • Easy screen brightness adjust
  • Application runs in background


Units of measurement:

  • Meters per second
  • Feet per second
  • Kilometers per hour
  • Miles per hour
  • Knots (nautical miles per hour)